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From Monday 17th May, the Government's Rules are as follows: 


You are required to wear a mask when entering, leaving or moving about inside the premises.

No more than six people can meet together inside 

 You must remain seated  other than when visiting the toilets or leaving the premises. 

Please comply with these requirements. 

We will be operating Table Service Only. Please wait at the door - you will be taken to your table.

New Entrance.jpg

We have had to significantly reduce our capacity to allow us to maintain the current social distancing rules.  


As a reminder, the rule now is groups of no more than six inside.   

Please understand that you will not necessarily be seated in proximity to any friends who may already be on the premises.  


When all tables are occupied, you will have to wait for someone to leave even though it may appear that there are empty seats. Please do not sit in the seats marked with red tape, they are not in use.

If you are outside and the weather changes for the worse, you will only be able to move inside if a table is available. 


You will not be able to shelter under the canopy unless you are seated at one of the two covered tables.  


We need you to either give us a name and contact number, or use the QR code. The paper slips will be stored securely and destroyed after 21 days.  

You are expected to remain at your table once seated. Please don’t move about the bar other than to go to the toilets, to smoke, or leave. Please observe the social distancing rules at all times. 

You may book tables either by phone or in person. Please arrive within 10 minutes of your booked time, or the table may be released for other customers.  


Privilege card discounts still apply and new cards can be purchased.

Please don’t ask us to bend the rules, we want to keep our licence so the answer will be no.   

If you’ve read this far and are still planning on visiting:  Thank you and Welcome Back! 

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